+ Does My Spring Cleaning provide everthing?

As the client, you are responsible for the expenses associated with your contracted services as well as the expenses associated with new storage solutions, decorations, furnishings, and anything else needed to complete your contracted services.

On the day of your services, My Spring Cleaning will come equipped with our cleaning toolkit with everything we need to get the job done!

+ What forms of payment are accepted?

At this time, we accept the following forms of payment: Cash, check, Venmo, and Zelle.

+ Do I need to be present while services are being performed?

It is not mandatory that you be present during the service, but we do ask our clients to be present at the beginning and at the end of each service to confirm that what has been done is to their satisfaction.

+ What happens if I need to reschedule my service?

At My Spring Cleaning, we understand the need for flexibility. We ask for a minimum of 24-hour notice when you need to reschedule your services. This enables us to offer the appointment time to another client.

All appointments are confirmed 24-hours prior to the scheduled time to provide you with the opportunity to reschedule if necessary. Failure to reschedule an appointment without 24-hour notice will result in full charges for the missed appointment.

+ How long will each experience take?

Due to My Spring Cleaning’s number of service offerings, no two experiences are the same. Most experiences require a minimum of 4 hours and several of our offerings require significantly more time. You can schedule your services by the hour and decide how long you would like My Spring Cleaning to work.

An estimated amount of time will be given during the consultation prior to scheduling your appointment(s).

+ Will my items remain confidencial? Which items are not handled by Spring Cleaning Company?

We provide a confidentiality to guarantee that every item and conversation during your appointments remain 100% confidential.

There are also some items that My Spring Cleaning will NOT handle during services: firearms, safes, financial documentation, credit cards, checkbooks, passports, passwords, and your most intimate items. We suggest removing these items prior to your appointment(s) when possible.

+ Can my children be present during services?

While we adore children at My Spring Cleaning, it can be challenging to work with them present. Time is a significant factor in your services, and our goal is to accomplish as much as possible during your precious hours. It is best to have someone caring for your children in a separate location while services are performed to be time-efficient.